Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Speed of Light

I was reading stuff, and as a disclaimer I am not an expert in physics by any means but when I read that by way of relativity it would take infinite energy to get something to travel at least at the speed of light ... I was light what? O.o I mean, it seems self refuting cause light does not need infinite energy to travel at the speed of light. XD

I was reading all this while I was reading about UFO skepticism. I think people should read about UFO skepticism because we don't get enough of it from the History Channel's one sided garbage about UFOs and evil UFO conspiracies.


Joshua said...

The issue is that it takes anything with positive mass (technically positive rest mass) an infinite amount of energy to get to the speed of light. Light is composed of photons which have zero mass so they don't present a problem.

SJ said...

I just don't see mass needing infinite energy to get to the speed of light.

Maybe reactors just gotta split somethin bigger than an atom.