Friday, May 8, 2009

Moving On

I think i've so eloquently and concisely and insightfully and incitefully made my point about the pathological liar Segal, it's time to move on.

How about a lil philosophy?

Thing is, I tend to have multiple personalities when it comes to believing in God, (only on that issue alone, trust me XD ) Sometimes I think he's there, sometimes I think he's not, sometimes I think he's there and don't give a darn. Sometimes I don't give a darn, and even when I do give a darn and tilt a lil towards theism I still call myself an atheist and secular with the intent of denouncing fundamentalism.

Here is a twist on the cosmological argument, which I am not really arguing for, but rather bringing up for the sake of discussion.

It goes like this-

Everything exists in something, but it is impossible for the process of everything existing in something to go on to infinity because what would the whole of the parts subsist in?

It would be impossible to add to the whole an overall realm of existence that does in fact take up space (exist) because it would also have to exist (take up space) in something as per the first clause of this argument. Something with contradictory qualities (early and late, squarish and circlish) can't exist.

Thus, the only thing that can be done is to say that the overall sum of existence has to exist in something that does not take up space, and this (to quote Saint Thomas Aquinas' Suma Theologica) all men understand to be God.

Unlike the ordinary cosmological argument which can be trashed by saying that even if it does establish the necessity of a first cause, it can still be a natural process and not a divine driven one; this version seems tougher to attack in the same way because it would appear that existing in something that does not take up space is supernatural (not in a fiction ghost demons or whatever kind of sense but rather in a not ordinary in the laws of nature kind of sense) yet also appears as a logical necessity.

Feel free to post comments for and against this twist of the cosmological argument.


Garnel Ironheart said...

Take your pills and then try writing this post again.

SJ said...

Garnel, take your pills, have a big mac, and get laid. XD