Friday, May 15, 2009

DK Warns People About Chabad

DK, the editor of the blog, the guy who turned into a big crybaby that I called Segal for what he was, has wrote on his blog in his most recent post at the time of this writing, "But we can warn others [about Chabad]. We can let other parents know what their children will face if they become involved with the ultra-Orthodox."

The thing is, DK was crying that I bashed Segal just after he died (I was bashing him equally while he was still alive). The reason was Segal was lying about the nature of Chabad with regard to its messianism. However DK was mad that I wouldn't show more sympathy because Segal was "empathetic" to other views.

The problem is, an empathetic con artist is just an empathetic con artist. Segal was trying to say that Chabad has no messianism and this is false; and on my blog, I was warning people about Chabad, my way.


Garnel Ironheart said...

Check back there. He seems to have pulled it down after Yeshivish Atheist posted an interview with the girl herself in which she disputes her parents' contentions.

SJ said...

I see, my post though is still staying up.