Thursday, May 28, 2009

DK Putz Moment

On his blog DK wrote that (to paraphrase) if the shit hits the fan so badly in Israel that they have to come to the United States, that they should become refugees.

I say that Israeli citizens should automatically be granted American citizenship in the event the shit hit the fan enough over there (except for the Israelis who don't work for religious reasons, this means you charedim XD ).

This guy Steve wrote "Do we as American Jews seek to bump the Israelis to the front of the line - ahead of the Koreans and Chinese that have been waiting 20 years to get in to the USA?"

Well the difference is noone is threatening to nuke China or South Korea, (yet with regard to S. Korea; if the shit hit the fan bad enough there too, i'd say let the South Koreans have American citizenship also since they're a modern democratic country.)


Anonymous said...

Are you trying to say that DK is really a middle reliever for the New York Mets?

SJ said...

I don't know, but whatever he is i'm not gonna judge. XD