Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Mission

The Kvetcher.net blog has a recent post indicating that a chabad propaganda unit by the name of Ronen Levi Yitzchak Segal (who is really a Breslov Hassid not a Chabad Hassid) has gotten a one way trip to Davy Jone's locker and there ain't gonna be no Black Pearl out comin to rescue him.

I didn't take the news to hold any kind of gravity and used it an opportunity to bash Segal again by saying that on his grave it's gonna say "liar liar pants on fire" and that Segal has a candy company called Truth Twisters.

The question now is, what truth did Segal twist? Segal lied to me on a pathological level the true nature of Chabad and the yechi statement (yechi adonaino marainu harabainu melech HAMOSHIACH leoylum voed) which translated means Long live our lord our teacher our rabbi our king the messiah forever and ever. You see, Segal tried to spew that this statement can't possibly refer to the seventh lubavitcher rabbi by saying that Chabad does not believe that the seventh lubavitcher rabbi is the messiah (not officially anyways, the keyword being -not officially-). The yechi statement refers to the easter bunny, michael jackson, or buddah, but it can't possibly refer to Schneerson! Naaaa! (sarcasm) Never mind that the Chabad movement is obsessed with Schneerson.

Love me or hate me, my mission as a blogger is not necessarily to be "civil" but rather to oppose falsehood.


Anonymous said...

Yes many chabdnicks chant this, but can you show me a source that it is their offical mission statement?

Many chabadnics wrongfully believe that the rebbe will come back but not most. Most have moved on, like Segal did (may he rest in peace). Just because you harp doesnt mean others do. Can you show on chabad.org how this is the fact that you are attacking?

even if you disagree with him that is no excuse to trash his memory or to rip on him after he is gone. Its wrong and wimpy, only a true weakling attacks someone who cannot respond. Your a sick man

SJ said...

And you can't read. Look up the phrase "not officially" and then get back to me.

Oh by the way, I was more than happy to rip on him while he was still alive and have done so on the kvetcher.net blog.

SJ said...

One more thing, I wasn't talking about Chabad's mission statement, I was talking about MY mission statement.

Don't do drugs. It fucks up your head.

SJ said...

Relevant link- http://failedmessiah.typepad.com/failed_messiahcom/2006/07/rabbi_david_ber.html

DK said...

you have embarassed everyone who ever ripped on the charedi. You are a terrible person and are only hurting our fight. Stop blogging so the rest of us can at least do a good job of taking them down. Right now you are only hurting our cause

Ari said...

"Your a sick man" - Anonymous

"You're a sick, frustrated little boy."

There fixed that for ya.

SJ said...

* yawn * keep the hate posts coming. XD

Ari said...

No hate man.

At this point it's just pity.

Nothing to do with religion either buddy. You got issues.

SJ'S Dad said...

you were awesome in bed last night.

Ari said...

I can understand you grew up in a ghetto with little to no exposure to general society.

But making fun a dead man on the dawn of his death isn't a matter of being "civil".

Ronen's 21 Year Old Daughter said...

SJ you were awesome in bed last night.

Richardfeldman said...

HEY! Just because some punk is being a jerk and trying to funny it doesnt mean u take it out on RONEN! He is dead dude! So not cool. I can guarantee you it wasn't him making the joke!

Anonymous said...


Norm said...

If you like SJ you might enjoy my blog-"Mainstream Jew" Here is the first of ten posts:


DK said...

Once again, you are allowing sock puppetry in my name, even though--as this site allows Google sign in--it should be clear to you that the person imitating me above is not, in fact, me.

Because you strangely continue to allow this nonsense, I have no choice but to suspect that you yourself may be the impersonator, not an Orthodox detractor.

For the record, I feel that you are being unduly harsh towards Ronen, both in tone, and more importantly, assessment. My experience with Ronen was that he empathized with those he disagreed with, and sought to perceive what they did.

Such is not the mindset of a simpleminded "liar," but of a religious man who understood the reality that people perceive things differently.

I personally suspect that part of Ronen's dialogue seeking with left-wing religious types and former BT's is that he simply enjoyed their company. Only hanging out with FFBs or party-line BTs when you yourself are a bit of an independent minded eccentric can be a real drag. Can you really not sympathize with that?

Unfortunately, you consistently chose to act like a real prick. Even after his untimely death.

Garnel Ironheart said...

Due to accusations made elsewhere, I will release the following statement:

I am not:
a) Ari
b) The fake DK
c) The real DK
d) Anonymous
e) SJ

Thank you for your attention.

Ari said...

"I am not:
a) Ari" - GI

Yea, my favorite part was that when I pointed out there is no logical reason for him to think I was you he replied:

"Did I ever say there was a logical reason?"

Just such a strange fight to pick . . .

SJ said...

1) DK, stop being paranoid, I don't impersonate, if I disagree I am more than happy to be straightforward about it on my own name as I have done so countless times.

2) After you banning me from your site I wasn't sure if the last comment made by the fake DK was sock puppetry or not. Really i'm not sure I care if someone sock puppets you at this point.

3) Ronen can emphathise all he wants the guy was a fackin liar.

As for the way I spoke about Ronen, it's a difference of agreement between me and you that you are just going to have to live with. I don't tell you how to run your blog.

Garnel Ironheart said...

I'm also not

a) Elvis
b) Jim Morrison
c) The Rebbe

But I do think they're all working out of the Heartbreak Hotel gas station down in Arkansas. The Rebbe's the one handing out dollar bills as change.

SJ said...

ooooo even DK has turned on you. You ganna try now SJ?

If someone like him calls you a prick doesnt it say something about you?

SJ said...

In all honesty DK can go fly a kite for all I care.

SJ said...

banned from cheerer, banned from kvetcher, who's next?

You obviously have no friends!

SJ said...

I have plenty of friends.

SJ said...

people you circle-jerk off with are not friends

SJ said...

you should be studying torah instead of writing childish insults on here, shame on you -.-

anon said...

"a chabad propaganda unit by the name of"

Propaganda UNIT? You are one sick puppy, my friend.