Sunday, July 27, 2008

Factual Bull Crap is a Factual Pain in the Ass

Ok so this orthodox hotshot who probably thinks that girlfriends are forbidden comes along to my blog with the name "Factual Basis" and his mission is to "prove" that orthodox judaism aka religion, has a "factual (provable) basis" in his own blog which he calls, * drum roll * Factual Basis.

Since he can't come up with one coherent argument I started calling him Factual Bull Crap and he has been a pain in the ass whining about it.

The thing is on the about section of his blog he wrote "The Torah is G-d’s word and it is a FACT! This is a blog of my thoughts, views and ideas on traditional/observant Judaism today. It is an answer to some of those attacking the Rabbis and G-d’s word as man’s word."

In other words, he is saying that the word of the rabbis is equal to the word of God (should one exist).

There are two issues with this statement that I can see.

1) Oral traditions (the ones that were supposedly passed down to present day rabbis all the way from Moses) are not as reliable for accuracy as written traditions. To pretend that oral traditions and written traditions have equal reliability is intellectually dishonest, and this kind of pretending is exactly what orthodox judaism does.

2) The word of men simply cannot equal the word of God (should one exist). The word of the rabbis is indeed man's word.

In conclusion, Factual Bull Crap is a nut job for equating something that a human being may say to something that God (should one exist) may say.


Anonymous said...

what are you, like 3 years old?

SJ said...

respond with facts and reason or not at all jerk.

Anonymous said...

name calling is childish and something a 3 year old would do

making fun of someone's name or calling them something accomplishes nothing. debunk their arguments not their name.

exactly my point

SJ said...

still no answer to my actual post, u are just one moron looking to score points.

DK said...

While I agree that his premise is not factual--faith and facts never meet--AND I don't have a problem with you calling him out on that, still...I do think that putting "Factual Bullcrap" in your links section is an unfortunate decision on your part. If you want to signal disapproval, why not do something that preserves the actual name?

How about, "Factual" Basis?

Also, FB has proven himself a person who avoids disrespectful behavior himself, and so to treat him this way reflects badly on you, and quite frankly, on others who wish to support your blog.

Keep mind, I concede I absolutely use salty language and have resorted to mean nicknames, and will do so in the future...but I think that picking on a single blogger who avoids disrespectful behavior in such a (semi) permanent way is not helpful.

Please reconsider.cnuam

SJ said...


Anonymous said...

All's well that ends well. i appreciate you changing it SJ, and I will add you to mine now.